It’s time to ditch the fad diet, build your relationship with food back up, stop over restricting yourself and live your best LYFE.


What is LYFE?

LYFE Coaching is an online 1-1 service created by Beca (me) to help you take control of your own life through habit change, portion control and preparation.

LYFE plans have been designed to enable you to find your own balance, whilst being able to achieve your fitness/health/weight goals.

The plans come in 8 week blocks, which is on purpose, to help you establish a good routine and set the new habits rolling, then continue with guidance and support to really figure out your perfect path to achieving your goals.

Each 8 week block provides you with:

- Personalised Nutrition & Exercise plan

- Weekly check-ins via Whatsapp & email with a LYFE Log Document

- LYFE Recipe E-Book (digital)

- LYFE Tips E-Book (digital)

- LYFE Yearly Calendar (digital)

- LYFE Weekly Food Planner (digital)

- LYFE Daily Task Planner (digital)

The plans are suitable for all food preferences including vegan and vegetarian.

LYFE plans are available worldwide as they are coached online.


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