All Lyfers have a different journey, a different experience and different goals. I've been so lucky to have had the pleasure of working with over 50 amazing people all on different journeys. Some are more physical and others are more mental transformations, this isn't a place full of drastic weight loss pictures as that isn't the drive for Lyfe. It's always about progressing and bettering clients in a way that they need, here's what some of them have to say!



In October 2019 I decided to start an 8 week plan with Beca as I was struggling to see progress on other training/diet plans. 

The initial questionnaire that I was asked to complete was really useful as it helped me understand what I wanted my personal goals to be and aided Beca in structuring my workout and diet plans. 

My goal was to increase weight and build muscle, something I’ve always struggled to do. Because many peoples’ personal goals usually involve losing weight, not gaining, I was interested to see how Beca would approach this. Lucky for me, she’s an expert in this area and was on a similar journey to myself. This really helped me put my trust in her! 

I found the weekly check-ins really useful as they made me feel accountable to someone. Once I had sent the check-in’s, Beca would let me know if she needed to make any changes to my plan and I could begin to implement the changes right away. In addition to this, if I had any queries throughout the week, I wasn’t afraid to contact Beca. She was so approachable and made me feel like she was there for me at any time of day!  

I found the plan really easy to follow and was extremely happy with the progress that I made on it. Beca cheered me on for the whole 8 weeks and motivated me on challenging days. I love how personal Beca’s plans are and how my plan was tailored specifically to me, unlike many other plans that are available! Going on this journey was one of the best decisions I have made. Even now, I love looking back on my progress pictures and seeing how far I’ve come. 

Thank you Beca! 



Beca has truly helped me so much, not just with my training and Lyfe plan, but with my overall health and well-being. I started my journey in August 2019 and it’s hand on heart one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Learning the value of food, portion control and building body confidence, I’m now on plan two to recomposition my body and couldn’t be happier.

What’s so different about this plan, is the attention to detail, the weekly check ins, advice and detailed sign-up pack ensuring you are equipped with everything to get you started. Thank you for everything, Beca.



My lyfe coaching experience has been brilliant, Beca is so approachable, knowledgeable and really motivates you whatever your goals are. The plans don’t feel restrictive at all, and the food is fab and so tasty!



I am a 58 year old women who has suffered with an under active thyroid for many years and although I take regular medication my weight has been affected from time to time. Having tried different ways of eating, taking in exercise at different Gyms or walking I came to a halt and just couldn’t move 7lbs in weight I had gained.

In January 2020 I commenced an 8 week ‘Lyfe’ Challenge, all I had to do was answer a few questions about myself and my lifestyle and ‘Life’ did the rest. I was provided with a daily menu (with alternatives) tasty Recipes for the family (even my husband lost weight) Nutrition information, an exercise plan, advice whenever it was needed and much more.

Over the 8 week plan I lost a total of 19lbs and now I don’t think of doing anything any differently. I have since lost a further 7lbs (that’s almost 2 Stones in less than 6 months) and feeling pretty good!!



My Lyfe Journey started in January this year with an 8 week plan, I’d been trying to ‘lose weight’ on and off for a while (but was never fully committed, expecting big changes overnight) and reached out to Beca to help. Beca has been amazing & nothing has ever been too much with constant support and guidance. I worked hard for 8 weeks and reached a loss of 10lb which to this day the weight remains off with just a few lbs to go to reach my ‘goal’ of 14lbs.

Although I’m not on a Lyfe plan now I use everything I’ve learnt from Beca now thinking about portion sizes, the importance of getting those steps in & being able to enjoy the things I love without going overboard or feeling guilty!

Thank you, you are amazing!



I have achieved so much in the space of my 8 week journey and could not recommend Beca and her coaching more highly. She is knowledgable, super friendly, supportive and incredibly motivating - I felt like she was right by my side pushing me to succeed the whole way through. 

Thanks to Beca I now have a much better understanding of food and nutrition, I have dramatically improved my fitness levels and have lost lbs and cm’s. Every day I wake up feeling happy, confident and full of energy.

A highlight for me has been gaining a feeling of control of my eating and exercising - rather than having 2 good weeks then falling off the wagon to binge and never recover, I have found the balance between enjoying myself a little bit every week and still being healthy and happy.



My experience with Lyfe coaching has helped me in so many ways, to begin with I had little confidence and was scared to step in a gym because I didn't know what I was doing.

Beca is so friendly, helpful and motivating, within a few weeks I was seeing so many changes, not just to my body but also my mindset. I now look forward to going to the gym, it's my 'me' time and sets me up right for the day. The recipes are super tasty and easy for a busy schedule and Beca was always there checking in to keep me on track. I feel much more healthier, confident and positive now and its all thanks to Becas support!



Working with Beca has helped me truly learn and understand the importance of eating better, exercising and being in a positive headspace.

Lyfe Nutrition has helped me see how to connect and feed the mind, body and soul with goodness. This has opened so many unexpected doors for me! Thank you!



In the beginning of the year, I decided to take part in an 8 week challenge with LYFE. 

I wanted to purely focus on having a routine and structure with my meals and lose a little bit of that winter weight. I instantly saw and felt a change within myself in the first two weeks. Having that structure and routine not only helped with losing weight but I also felt so much more productive, energetic and focussed. It is something that I have implemented and stuck to even after the challenge was over!