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15 Weeks in Lockdown, What it Taught me

Last Monday I returned to the office after 15 weeks in lockdown. Truthfully I was little apprehensive about going back into the ‘real world’ after such a long time living in my own bubble. By Wednesday my worries had completely diminished and I was actually enjoying being back in a strict routine.

I know for some, lockdown has been a really tough time. Financially, mentally and physically we’ve all taken a huge hit. Although I do feel though like we all need to be thankful for what’s happened during these months of isolation. Because SO many things have happened. I don’t need to talk about them specifically as I’m sure you’re all more than aware of what’s been going on. But what I do want everyone to do is reflect on their experience.

Not only is practicing gratitude great for your own self development and mental health, but it’s great for helping you live in the moment and appreciate everything you have and do.

As I look back over my time in lockdown I feel so blessed to have been able to spend this time improving areas of my life, some I didn’t even realise needed working on.

  1. I improved my squat. I used to suffer with knee pain when squatting. Because of this I stayed away from the free bar barbell, and stuck to the smith or hack because It meant I could rack up the weight and not worry too much about my knees or posture. I’ve spoken about this on a couple of my IG posts, but during lockdown I started focusing on my range of movement, stretching more, and my form. I fixed my flat feet issue and bought a wedge to keep my heels elevated, and really focused on engaging my glutes which was also something I never really managed to do properly. I bought a barbell, built a squat rack and i’ve never been happier with my squats!

  2. I rebranded by business, and built it up 2 x bigger than it was with the most amazing clients and followers

  3. I listened (on audible) and read about 10 books - knowledge is power and all that

  4. I watched several new and old seasons on Netflix

  5. I spent quality time with my family and partner

  6. I did things way out of my comfort zone, like going live on IG

  7. I got the best English tan i’ve ever had (c’mon we really were SO lucky with the weather during this time!)

  8. I learned how to make homemade pizza (and ate a lot of it) as well as bread

  9. I set and completed several challenges on IG with my amazing followers

  10. We did lots of jobs around the house that needed doing

  11. We went on LOTS of bike rides and realised how beautiful where we live is!

  12. I got into new ways of enjoying cardio such as skipping!

  13. I started a new #summershready diet

  14. I paid off my CC

  15. We set some big plans and goals for our future

  16. I walked, ALOT

  17. I had some treats, some alcohol and enjoyed myself without going OTT

  18. I STARTED THIS BLOG! (I'm no pro but hopefully I won't bore you to death)

So it’s safe to say i’m really really proud of what I did in 15 weeks. And it really is an eye opener to what you are capable of achieving in a short space of time when you dedicate and schedule your time and effort. I still stuck to a rough routine, I still woke up and went to bed at the usual time, I still worked out 4/5 times a week. I'm a sucker for it!

Now as I already mentioned I know everyone’s experience has been extremely different during lockdown, and we’ve all had some serious ups and downs, but I do encourage you to take a positive look at the past and make note of what you have achieved, even if it’s just been staying sane or not eating a full pack of biscuits every day! Celebrate every tiny achievement!

It can be so hard to see the good in something unless you really look for it, but I do believe that this period has caused a huge shift in all of our lives. We’re all so much more aware of so many different things on a daily basis than we were. We’re more focused on what really matters. We’re more vocal than ever and ready to stand our ground about the things we believe in.

Lockdown has certainly taught me that life is WAY too short to stress over shit 1. that you can't control and 2. that doesn't matter to you anyway. It's taught me to be even more disciplined with myself, and that if I want something and work hard enough for it I can achieve it. And finally it's taught me that I really do love my body and my life. We get some consumed worrying what other's think about us, how they may see us and say about us. When in reality we need to realise people will always think what they way regardless of what we do or how we are. Control what you can control in life and forget about the rest!

I know personally i’ve grown so much. My mindset has shifted into a new gear I didn’t even know I had! And truthfully I am SO buzzed for this next chapter.

What will you make of the rest of 2020?

Thanks for reading


If you've had an experience during lockdown that you'd like to talk about email me beca@lyfecoaching.co.uk or share your achievements with me on IG!

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