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Welcome to the new LYFE

As this is the first blog post, I suppose I should get the introductions out of the way.

I'm Beca, a 29 year old Yorkshire lass on a mission to change people's lives for the better.

As mentioned in the About section on my brand new shiny website, I started Lyfe in 2019 after offering to help a close friend of mine. I've since grown my amazing team of Lyfers to over 50 and thought now's the time to get the ball rolling with really making Lyfe the brand I want it to be.

The new branding comes from the desire to showcase what Lyfe is really about. The outlined logo is strong yet sexy, and a little bit delicate. All those things sum up what I feel my clients represent. Strong, sexy but still delicate.

I've recently been working with a few clients who really struggle with their body image. There's so much attention around this on social media, especially Instagram, that It's something i'm wanting to bring more into the spot light as part of Lyfe and the services I offer. Enter the movement, #embraceyourbody.

#EYB will be launching in the not too distant future, really focusing on why we think the way we do about ourselves, and how we can learn to truly love ourselves. Now don't get me wrong, i'm here offering my 1-1 coaching because of course I think it's empowering to want to better your body, your mind and your life every single day! We hit an issue though when we can't accept ourselves or what we see in the mirror. The things that are out of our control. As I once read 'control what you can control, and let go of the rest'. This is SO important, and applies to absolutely everything in our lives. And so this will be the basis for #EYB.

Sign up to the newsletter and follow Lyfe on social media to stay up to date about when the movement will launch! I'm so excited to get as many people involved as possible so please share and get your friends and family on it too!

I'll keep this first post short and sweet, and look forward to the future of Lyfe!

Thanks for reading


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